1031 people have been witness kicked!

Witness Kicks exists to plant the seed of God's word and spark a flame of His joy in the heart of anyone and everyone we can, one pair of shoes at a time.

Our goal is to distribute shoes to people of all ages who are in need. By "in need" we mean kids or adults who either cannot afford a new pair of shoes or who are overlooked, possibly underappreciated, and deserve special recognition. "In need" could also indicate a person who could simply use a "pick me up." The shoes are the piece we can use to ignite the flame of God's love for one another.
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Is it really about the shoes?

WitnessKicks recently had the opportunity to impact lives in Ethiopia
The answer is no. Witness Kicks was founded to spark a flame of His joy in others. The shoes are the item we use to spark that flame. When you donate, you are giving. Giving God’s love to someone. The people who receive the shoes will see the “You’ve been Witness Kicked” card and the first thing they will read is “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved,” Romans 10:13. Witness Kicks is about sharing that verse with anyone and everyone we can, one pair of shoes at a time. The opportunity we have through Witness Kicks is absolutely awesome. We get to testify to people by handing out shoes to those in need. Those in need of shoes and those in need of hearing that Through the Lord, we are saved. It is what we are called to do as Christians. Romans 10:14 says “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” We get to preach about Him, through shoes. How cool is that? So Witness Kicks challenges you to take advantage of the opportunity we have as Christians. Spark a flame of His joy in the heart of someone in need. Witness first, Kicks second.


Thank you for the shoes, My family was very greatful and they love the shoes. When my borther opened the box his face lit up in joy! I hope you keep doing this for a long time because I am sure kids out there love what you’re doing! -Jackie Corto
Hayden, What a wonderful ministry! God Bless You! -Anonymous
Thank you very much for the shoes, they are sick! I wore them all day the day you gave them to me! They are really cool and I appreciate what you did! -Jordan Wright